What is Quest?

A Quest is a journey to face logical conundrums in a realistic environment. A journey of searching for clues, logical thinking and teamwork. In the process of the game, you as a team, have only one hour. During which you must overcome all the challenges that stand in your way to victory.

The Quest can put you in a setting to solve a murder mystery, disable a ticking bomb, or save humanity…

At your disposal will be your intellectual ability, attention to detail (even while under pressure) and of course, the cooperation between the teammates. The secret to a successful quest is to use your imagination to view the game as a reality.

Your imagination and creativity are the most powerful tools available to you in order to crack puzzles and overcome challenges. Beside the intellectual skills, none of the stages of the game require the use physical force in order to advance in the game.

This experience is especially suited for group entertainment, colleagues and friends who want a shared experience that is challenging and unique. The Quest is also a wonderful opportunity for families who want quality time with their children and strengthen the family’s bond. In addition, the Quest allows businesses to grant employees a socially bonding fun time, which contributes to the cooperation among employees at their place of work.

During the game, you will be accompanied by “Game Controllers” through closed-circuit cameras which will monitor your game progress, with the ability to help, at any time.


* We are forced to limit entry for players aged 16 and above. This does not apply on family groups in which children from ages 8 and up are allowed to enter the Quest under adult supervision. The game is not recommended for those who have heart problems or pregnant women.
** Entering the Quest is only allowed under the terms of depositing cellphones and any other type of media in our provided lockers, in order to let you enjoy the game uninterrupted.
*** Questomania reserves the right to stop the game at any time, without refund in case of a significant violation of the rules.